2017 American Solar Eclipse Poster


A poster using photos I took during the 2017 Solar Eclipse in Painted Hills, Oregon.  Using over 35 photos taken during the eclipse, this poster just touches on my experience during this amazing event.


My trip to Oregon was both frustrating and wonderful. There was a lot of smoke at Crater Lake so I was unable to shoot the milky way as I had hoped.  We didn’t get much sleep the first couple days, we had some nasty food the first night – and the second night I was wired about the eclipse.  I didn’t sleep but an hour or so the night before the eclipse.

We head to to the eclipse site in the early morning and they were forcing parking far from the pretty landscape, but I set up in a grassy area on the eclipse line.  I couldn’t find my Nikon-Sony lens adapter so I thought I’d just shoot with my Nikon, forgetting that the whole reason I was doing that was so that I didn’t have to touch the camera… when totality came I was trying to do long exposures by button! That didn’t work as planned.
The eclipse was FREAKING AMAZING. It’s worth seeing at least once. It was a very metaphysical experience and I got all teary eyed during it, it was so crazy. After that we spent a few hours in traffic and got to Mt Hood which was also enshrouded in smoke.

Following that we hit the Columbia River valley which is like something out of Lord of the Rings and to the water falls. Sadly this area was overcome by wildfire just two weeks later.  The extent of the damage remains to be seen.

We finally got to the coast late that night, we spent a leisurely day in Newport – awesome place.   Shot the lighthouse, then went to visit my brother before heading home the following day.